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Buy A&E Dunamis inverter on Kara at Affordable Prices

The use of Solar inverter as an alternative for power failure are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason.                                                                             Have you ever thought of cutting down on your electricity costs while consuming less energy? Have you ever thought of a scenario without power outage? This can be made possible with the installation of solar inverter into wich provide an alternate solution to power outrages.

Kara Nigeria has created opportunity and access to a quick and stressfree power solution through the use of A&E inverter. A&E is a global brand of power inverters and battery. A&E have built a long lasting reputation for quality power inverters. Conquer the fear of unstable power supply before the lights go out conquer the energy crisis. Kara offers a dependable A&E inverter capacity for any load you wish to power.  Choose from our wide range of A&E Dunamis inverter capacities to meet the one  that suits the power capacity you want, many Nigerian homes and offices have enjoyed years of stable performance from A&E Dunamis inverters, enabling them live or work in comfort, while saving tones of money.

A&E inverter  have fast charging that is compatible with the intermittent power supply. With a few hours of PHCN supply you can easily charge A&E inverter batteries to full capacity. The Inverter prices are competitive and Kara offers wholesale and distributor prices when you buy a A&E inverter from us. We also provide installation support when you buy an inverter and a battery. A&E is one of many Inverter brands in Nigeria available at medium price budget. Ranging from capacities of 600 VA to 10KVA for different power applications pricing  from 30,000 to 400,000 Naira.

Do you want more than just an Inverter? Do you need the full inverter installation package? Do you need a solar inverter installation solution?

All this can be solved by just visiting kara.com.ng, Kara Nigeria offers all the neccesary accesories needed for the successful installation of inverter. BuyA&E battery, solar panel, charge conrtoller,rack and every other accesories. A&E inverter can be used with any other brand battery and solar panel and also support  the use of tubular inverter battery which are maintainable and can last for more years. KaraNigeria offers competitive A&E inverter battery price and for wholesales or bulk buyer of inverter solution which have access to price negotiaton. Get a 200ah/12v, 200ah/24v,100ah/12v,100ah/24v battery and more at affordable prices at kara. Complete solar inverter installation is also available at a pocket friendly price at kara online store. Visit now and enjoy offers unlimited.


A & E Inverters
Minimal Price: 288,000.00

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