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With the rate of technology advancement, gone are the days of bulky computers, it has now been replaced with the All-in-one computer which offers a happy medium: compact, visually pleasing packages that still boast the power and convenient screen sizes of desktops. An all-in-one computer has all its components built into a single display box. In other words, the monitor of an all-in-one PC also contains the CPU, speakers, mic, webcam, DVD drive etc, allowing you to easily prop one onto your desk, plug in and get to work.  An all-in-one PC generally cost less than a laptop with comparable specifications. If portability is still essential to you, you might consider an all-in-one desktop with a touchscreen.

All-in-one PC on Kara NIgeria

The All-in-one desktop computer is available in different screen sizes from a top-notch brand like HP, Apple, Dell, Samsung among others.  All-in-ones also come in a variety of designs and functions. You'll find Android on lower-cost models, Apple's OS X on the premium iMac, and Windows on a wide array of all-in-ones PC’s, many of which have touchscreens. Here we have a collection of the best all-in-ones computers that meet your requirement. Kara Nigeria offers a wide range of the best all-in-one PC at the best affordable price. Enjoy a quick delivery option as well as a payment option of your choice. Payment on Delivery is allowed. Buy Lenovo all in one desktop computer and many more brank on kara Nigeria





Minimal Price: 155,250.00

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