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  1. Canon Copier IR-2204
    Special Price ₦190,000.00 Regular Price ₦230,000.00
  2. Sharp Digital Copier MX B200
    Special Price ₦195,500.00 Regular Price ₦198,000.00
  3. Sharp Digital Copier AR 6020
    Special Price ₦202,000.00 Regular Price ₦318,800.00
  4. Canon Copier IR-2204N
    Special Price ₦235,000.00 Regular Price ₦318,000.00
  5. Canon Copier IR-1133
    Special Price ₦241,500.00 Regular Price ₦397,000.00
  6. Canon Copier IR-2202
    Special Price ₦303,500.00 Regular Price ₦309,500.00
  7. Canon Copier IR-2520
    Special Price ₦334,000.00 Regular Price ₦450,000.00
  8. Sharp Digital Copier AR - 5623N
    Special Price ₦420,000.00 Regular Price ₦450,000.00

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A photocopier  also known as a copier or copy machine is machine  that make paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply.Photocopiers use a technology called  xerograpy, a dry process that uses electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to first attract and then transfer toner particles (a powder) onto paper in the form of an image. Heat, pressure or a combination of both is then used to fuse the toner onto the paper.Copiers also use other technologies such as inkjet  but xerography is standard for office copying. Kara Nigeria is the number one online shopping website to get Photocopier at best prices within budget for your  business needs. 


  1.  Charging: cylindrical drum is electrostatically charged by a high voltage wire called a corona wire or a charge roller. The drum has a coating of a  photoconductive material. A photoconductor is a  semiconductor that becomes conductive when exposed to light.
  2. Exposure: A bright lamp illuminates the original document, and the white areas of the original document reflect the light onto the surface of the photoconductive drum. The areas of the drum that are exposed to light become conductive and therefore discharge to the ground. The area of the drum not exposed to light (those areas that correspond to black portions of the original document) remains negatively charged.
  3. Developing: The toner is positively charged. When it is applied to the drum to develop the image, it is attracted and sticks to the areas that are negatively charged (black areas), just as paper sticks to a balloon with a static charge.
  4. Transfer: The resulting toner image on the surface of the drum is transferred from the drum onto a piece of paper with a higher negative charge than the drum.
  5. Fusing: The toner is melted and bonded to the paper by heat and pressure rollers.

A negative photocopy inverts the colors of the document when creating a photocopy, resulting in letters that appear white on a black background instead of black on a white background. Negative photocopies of old or faded documents sometimes produce documents which have better focus and are easier to read and stud.


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