Hisense Washing Machines


Hisense Washing Machines and Dryers on Kara

Washing and drying of clothes are very important when it comes to your personal hygiene. This is the reason why you need to choose from our top notch collection of washing machines on Kara. HIsense as one of the top brand produce Washing Machines  with great features and ability to work perfectly even under low current as an helping hand to family life. They provide you with the best of both worlds; combining the throughness and freshness of a handwash with the convenience and care of a responsive and easy to set programme machine wash. Kara have just the right Hisense model that will fits into everyone’s taste like the washing machine and tumble dryers and the washing machine and dryer combined together to take away stress,  all it’s take is just a click.


Where to Buy Hisense Washing Machines & Dryers Online?

Kara Nigeria have a wide range of quality Hisense model both for wash and spin,wash and dry and more. We offer undoubtedly quality service which will make  differences in your everyday living by making your laundry services easy and effortless. From our top loader washing machines to the front loader washing machines, we have a wide range of high standard and quality appliances that are designed to make every day laundry easier while also providing guaranteed convenience and affordability. To top it all off, Kara offers a convinient method of payment and make quick delivery of any item in Nigeria.

Hisense Washing Machine
Minimal Price: 37,500.00

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