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  1. LG Hifi Mini System Xboom - 72B
    Special Price ₦21,000.00 Regular Price ₦25,000.00
  2. LG DVD Player Blu-Ray - BP450
    Special Price ₦39,600.00 Regular Price ₦41,300.00
  3. LG Home Theatre 300W- 358SD
    Special Price ₦41,000.00 Regular Price ₦48,500.00
  4. LG Portable Bluetooth Speaker - 7550 NP
    Special Price ₦45,600.00 Regular Price ₦61,400.00
  5. LG DVD Portable Speaker - FH2
    Special Price ₦47,000.00 Regular Price ₦57,500.00
  6. LG CD Hifi Mini - 4560
    Special Price ₦51,000.00 Regular Price ₦54,000.00
  7. LG DVD Player Blu-Ray - BR440
    Special Price ₦53,200.00 Regular Price ₦55,400.00
  8. LG Home Theatre System - AUD 6231
    Out of stock
    LG Home Theatre System - AUD 6231
    Special Price ₦63,500.00 Regular Price ₦66,000.00
  9. Panasonic music system VKX20
    Out of stock
    Panasonic music system VKX20
    Special Price ₦66,900.00 Regular Price ₦72,000.00
  10. LG CD Hifi Mini -  4640CM
    Out of stock
    LG CD Hifi Mini - 4640CM
    Special Price ₦68,400.00 Regular Price ₦72,000.00

Items 1-20 of 84

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Buy Home Theater and Sound System Do you want a good sound in your home or studio then its not all about a big television, plugging of sound bar system and other audio system can make a difference. The use of different AV receiver surround speakers, front speakers, subwoofers, and surround-sound speakers can change the view of your house. Home speakers comes in a wide variety of designs and setup options. Whether you have a small room and need slim speaker options that don't take up a lot of space, or you're looking for full HD sized home theater systems that have the power to fill a large room with sound, you can find the speakers you're looking for at KaraNigeria.

Choose from our wide selection of home theater receivers that provide the options you need to run your speaker system just the way you'd like. First, consider the number of channels (how many speakers) you will incorporate into your audio system. Make sure there are enough channels available for adding more speakers later, if desired. If you'd like to connect to streaming music directly from your receiver, choose a receiver with built-in Wi-Fi. For whole-home audio with different sound zones in separate areas of the home, consider a receiver complete with multi-room functionality or bring home the added convenience of a wireless receiver that connects to wireless speakers anywhere in the house, without using speaker wires.

LG electronics is one of the best producer of home theaters with rugged built and great design.

Kara Online offers the best and reliable product from recognized and Top brands like LG home theater systems,Samsung, Panasonic,sony, Yamaha,Sonos,and many more at pocket friendly amount with a quick and convinient delivery and payment option. Buy at the best prices in Nigeria and ejoy a quick delivery to your location.