Neo Socket Fuel Saver

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Fuelshark has electronic components that connect to your vehicle’s alternator. When power from the alternator declines, the Fuelshark regulates the voltage in your vehicle.

The Fuelshark works by supplementing the required voltage for devices such as lights, stereos, power windows, etc. By using the Fuelshark, your car’s battery does not struggle to provide the additional power needed to operate these devices.

Fuelshark provdes a constant and steady supply of power that promotes efficient firing of the ignitiion system which reduces incomplete combustion in the vehicle’s motor.

No matter how expensive the cost of Fuel might be.

Using The Original advance car fuel saver will save you much money on your fuel/gas bill.

How To USE:

1. Insert The fuel oracle into your cigarette lighter socket.

2. The light turns ON (May be you need to turn on the engine at this time

3. Start driving and save over 20 to 25% of your fuel.



The Device has been designed with you in mind because of the incessant and continuous fuel crisis being experienced from time to time. With this stuff, 20 - 25% of fuel usage is saved.

 Simply plug into the Cigarette Lighter Socket, and enjoy the experience of a life time. More money in your wallet as less fuel is consumed on the go.


 The benefits are enormous, not limited to the following :

1. It puts paid to vehicle electrical system disorder or imbalance.

2. It serves as a stabilizer to the voltage thereby enhances optimal performance.

3. Complete combustion is enhanced thereby saving between 20 - 25% of fuel consumption.

4. It increases vehicle engine Horse Power thereby reduces smoking/emissions.

5. It increases spark plug performance thereby enhances a longer vehicle battery life. We call it Plug-In Miracle Enhancer for all categories of vehicle. 

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NameNeo Socket Fuel Saver

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