Smoke Detector

Where To Buy Smoke Detector 

Smoke Alarm is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire and raises alarm in order to inform the inhabitants of the danger presumed. In order to protect your family, staffs, and yourself from injury or death during a fire, smoke alarms are essential.

The smoke alarm provides the early vital warning that should give you enough time to round up your family and get out of the house. If there is no working alarm and a fire starts at the peak incidence time when you’re asleep, your chances of survival are greatly reduced. Smoke is thick, heavy and toxic, and the faster you are alerted to the danger, the better your chance of survival.

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Buy a smart alarm sound system, this device communicates through apps and alerts if an alarm sounds. Secure your family and property by geting a smoke detector on and enjoy a quick delivery to anylocation in Nigeria. Enjoy a quick and convienent payment option of cash on delivery and bank transfer.

Smoke Detector
Minimal Price: 3,500.00

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