6kg Dry Power Fire Extinguisher


Overview of 6kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher, or extinguisher, is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user (i.e., no escape route, smoke, explosion hazard, etc.), or otherwise requires the expertise of a fire department.

A fire extinguisher is a portable fire protection device which discharges gas, foam, water or other non-flammable materials to cease or stop fire in the event of a breakout. It is very essential to install fire extinguishers in residential, commercial and industrial setups in order to prevent or safeguard the premises from potential fires. These extinguishers are installed in homes, corridors, lobbies, reception areas, entrances and exits, laboratories, warehouses, kitchens, offices, malls, etc.

The 6kg ABC Dry Powder extinguisher is a multi-purpose extinguisher suitable for use on (Class A, B, and C) fires involving combustible solids, flammable liquids, and gases. The highly-rated extinguishant is Mono-Ammonium Phosphate, which is a fine powder that can knock down flames quickly and protect users against the radiant heat from a fire.

It is ideal for domestic use and a variety of commercial and industrial applications, including outdoor areas and vehicles, where freezing temperatures can adversely affect liquid-based extinguishers. ABC Dry Powder, however, is not recommended for use in escape routes of premises due to the reduction in visibility caused by the powder, albeit temporary.

The Dry Powder unit is also the only extinguisher internationally approved for use on Class C (gas) fires, however, it is recommended that the gas supply be shut off before tackling the fire to avoid the explosion and asphyxiation hazards of the gas flowing into the premises.

When to use:

  • Class A fires - wood, paper, cloth, etc
  • Class B fires – Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Class c fires – Flammable gas

And also suitable for use on live electrical equipment

Key Features

  • Pre-checked and weighed and ready for mounting
  • Tough alloy steel cylinder
  • Stored pressure for enhanced reliability and efficiency
  • Pressure gauge for visual inspection
  • Safety pin to prevent inadvertent discharge
  • Supplied with wall mounting bracket or transport bracket for vehicle fitting.
  • Fully refillable and serviceable



Key Specifications 




    Type of Extinguishant

    ABC Dry Powder


    Stored Pressure



    Working Pressure

    169 psi

    Test Pressure

    20 bar (235 psi)

    Temperature Range

    -20°C to 60°C

    Discharge Time

    16s (approx.)

    Overall Length


    Overall Width


    Overall Height


    Overall Weight

    13 kg

    Body Material

    CR Steel


    Red (RAL 3000)

    Class of Fire

    A, B, C, E

    Fire Rating

    A 233B C

    Throw Range Discharge

    5 – 6m (approx.)

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