Aucma Chest Freezer BD- 258- 215 Litres


 Overview of AUCMA BD-285 215 Litre Chest Freezer 

AUCMA BD-285- Chest Freezer works with an impressive refrigerant, this means that your drinks and food kept in this refrigerator cools in less than a few minutes. It features a huge capacity of 215 litres, key lock and an adjustable thermostat

Unlike conventional refrigerators, AUCMA BD-215 Litre Chest Freezer displays a small innovative touch that allows it to adapt its operation following the moisture level and use (opening the door, exterior temperature). This helps maintain a more stable temperature and reducing the compressor intake to lengthen its service life while reducing engine noise.

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  • Capacity: 215 Litre
  • Built-in refrigerating compartment
  • Cooling condenser – dynamic
  • Perforation of the side walls for the air inflow aggregate
  • Manual defrost
  • Hole for draining water
  • Thermal Insulation
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Product NameAucma Chest Freezer BD- 258- 215 Litres
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