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The Bontel 230 phone is another unique bontel phone with amazing features enough to keep your hands full. It possesses awesome multimedia choices such as the FM Radio feature that allows you explore the narratives of unfolding events happening in your locality; an MP3 Player that gives you unfettered access to a variety of songs and its upgraded sister version, the MP4 that gives you advanced features in order to make your variety of good vibes, endless! The Bontel 230 black phone is also multi-language compatible which makes it palatable to your multi-language abilities. The phone also has a Bluetooth feature that allows the sharing of files, fast, easy and seamless. With its 2.8 Inch Screen, the Bontel 230 also allows you to focus high resolution pages and images within its confines, giving you maximum access to information it displays. It also has a 1500mAh battery capacity that supports your modest phone activities for up to 45days with a single charge. The Bontel 230 price is affordable which makes getting the Bontel 230 a smart choice in your communication arsenal. The Bontel 230 specifications are replete with so many features as this overview has confirmed and are there more features we missed? Do well to let us know in the review section.

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