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The Bontel 9100 phone is the one affordable phone capable of a variety of utilities. Its 10,000 mAh battery capacity allows it to last for almost 2 months on Standby as well as 2.5 (Two and a half) days if used for calling during that entire duration. This Bontel phone can also serve as a powerbank via its USB to mini USB feature. With a 2.4 Inch display, it gives a modest view of webpages and images without compromising details. Its toughened screen allows for a heightened durability of the Bontel 9100 which guarantees continued value for the money spent in its purchase. Its Dual Sim feature allows for a number of possibilities that extend the ability to benefit from multiple telecommunication providers, either local or international. Its dependably bright LED torch is another Bontel 9100 feature that gives searing brightness to previously dark environments making it very useful in places where power outages are regular or in situations that necessitate extra brightness. Its Bluetooth support eases the transfer of files while its FM Support makes the Bontel 9100 in an elite league of phones that guarantees intimate connection with happenings in the users immediate locality. The MP3 feature it boasts also makes it users the unrestricted access to soul-inspiring vibes all day long. Considering the many features explored in this Bontel 9100 review, it becomes glaring that the Bontel 9100 is value at an affordable price.

The Bontel 9100 Specifications are as follows;

Display:                              LCD display.  

Resolution:                         320 x 240 pixels. 

Dimensions:                       Height-129mm; Width-51mm; Depth-30mm. 

Weight:                               280g. 

Camera and Video:            Video capture in. 

Battery:                              1560 hours standby time and 3000 minutes talk time.


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