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The Bontel 9200 phone is classic in the multiple functionalities it offers. Its Data Cable allows you to connect to the internet via Smart Cables that has been connected to devices that can access the web. Its dual sim feature gives you the benefit to enjoy the best two offers in the telecommunications sphere. The 10,000mAh battery capacity it has, gives one the peace of mind of not always needing to charge, since a single charge can last this phone for more than two weeks of modest use. This Bontel phone also possess an MP3 and MP4 player which goes beyond limits to bring you the best audio files in the best quality.  This Bontel 9200 also supports FM radio which keeps you abreast of the information relevant to your locality and nation. Going through this Bontel 9200 review, you’d realize that the Bontel 9200 price is very affordable and should worth your serious consideration when considering an affordable phone packed with all the standard utilities of a phone.

Below are the Bontel 9200 specifications

Sim Slots:                                                                                                                      Triple Sim

Sim Type:                                                                                                                      Triple SIM

Screen size:                                                                                                                  2.4 inches

Multimedia:                                                                                                                FM, MP3, MP4

Internal Memory:                                                                                                      Below 128 MB

OS:                                                                                                                             Windows Mobile OS

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