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The Bontel A300 phone is one of its kind. It is one of the very few modern phones that has the fashionable flip attached to it giving it a trendy outlook and a personal brand that matters.  It has a battery capacity of 1000mAh which sustains it power for longer periods making it more useful thoughout its use life. With its 1.77 screen size, it can focus images and pages with rich content without blurring. The bontel  A300 bluetooth feature also allows it to connect seamlessly to other devices which is faster and less likely to encounter errors.  The FM Radio it supports allows you to keep in touch with international and local events without paying extra cash for it. It supports Social Apps that helps you stay ahead by connecting with people who will inspire  and be of good help to you. Its game store also allows you to explore the world of fun right in the palm of your hands and with the Bontel A300 memory card slot, you can save important documents for as long as you please.

Order for your Bontel A300 at the Kara Online Store, Cash-on-Delivery as well as E-payment options are available payment methods. Nationwide delivery is always guaranteed.

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