Bontel A8 Specifications

The Bontel A8 is not your regular phone, its capabilities are beyond awesome, or how best can you describe a phone with a free Walkie Talkie ability, a battery capacity of 10,000mAh backed up with a Powerbank capable of refilling its full capacity and a dual SIM feature all combined into a phone that is standardized in its basic design and quest for durablility? Its claim to multiple utility is understandable as there are many possibilities with this phone.

There is the interesting Walkie Talkie feature which gives the phone free-talk times with similar phones 10km apart! This could be especially useful when there is a poor phone service in the immediate neighborhood, or when the Telecoms provider hasnt been credited.

Its battery life is also well suited for instances where there is no regular supply, or where situatuions may necessitate being out of power. Thus this phone is the ultimate helper in dire conditions where access to quality service is limited and where power outages are frequent, isnt this a dream come true?

Here's a deeper dive into the finesse that is called the Bontel A8;

Technical Specifications

Sim Slots: Dual Sim
Sim Type: Triple SIM
Screen size: 1.36 inches
Colour: A variety
RAM: None
Warranty Period: 3 Months
Connectivity: WiFi Only
Internal Memory: Below 128 MB
OS: Windows Mobile OS


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