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The Bontel V5 is a standard phone with basic features available at an amazingly affordable price.  It has a Slim Metal Body which is stylish and handy. Its slim features allow it to be very moveable since it can fit into almost anywhere and its metal hardware allows it to be stronger that plastic covered phones which gives higher strength and prevents it from easy damage due to a fall or impact by harder objects. It possesses a digital camera that captures ever-green moments in greater detail making it an indispensable tool for parties or other social events where memories are made and should be captured.  The Bontel V5 also possesses an MP3 player which can be used to make lively moments even livelier via the play of meaningful and mood changing songs, Isn’t this phone amazing? But there’s more. The Bontel V5 phone also has a battery capacity of 1000mAh which allows it to deliver longer power juice to the phone thereby making it more active for longer periods. Its FM Radio Feature allows you to be close to the events occurring locally and globally thereby making you more informed and in a better position to make wiser decisions everyday. It can also access games and social media sites like Facebook which brings the world even closer to you thereby ensuring an amazing experience. Below is a deeper dive into the Bontel V5 specifications.

Bontel V5 Specifications

RAM                                                      32 MB

Internal Memory                             Below 128 MB

Sim Slots                                              Dual Sim

Battery Capacity                               1000mAh - 3000mAh

Screen size                                         1.77 inches

Connectivity                                       WiFi Only

Sim Type                                              Dual SIM


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