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  1. Mercury Inverter 1.2KVA/12V

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  3. Mercury Pure Sinewave Inverter 5KVA / 48V

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  4. Mercury Inverter 100AH Battery


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Buy Power inverters at Affordable Price on Kara Nigeria

 Power inverters is an alternative energy to support PHCN failures and ensure continuous supply of electricity by converting direct current  to alternating current, so they are sometimes called dc to ac converter.

Power inverters converts energy stored in a battery to AC  current to power your appliances. Power inverter are widely used in the switched mode power supplies inverting stages. The circuits are classified according the switching technology and switch type, the waveform, the frequency and output voltage waveform. Inverter is approved as a better solution to power failure due to their low noise, high efficiency  and emission free operations as well as their convenience.

Power inverter are efficient and reliable devices that come in a variety of sizes and power ranges to meet just about any power need. Some small volt inverters can power simple loads like fans, TV, bulbs and oven while larger ones can  take any load like water pump, freezer, air conditioners, washing machines, elevators. Kara online store offers portable models designed for light AC loads such as small television sets and high powered hardwired units that provide electricity for larger vehicles and boats.

Do you need a single or three phase inverter ? or still wondering what on Earth this means.

The difference between single phases and three phase basically comes down to the number of wires that come into your house (or business premises) from the street.

The single Phase inverter is the most used in most homes and small businesses, single-phase electricity is transported via two wires which are active and neutral, while the Three phase basically has four wires, three of which are active, in addition to one neutral wire, which is once again earthed at the switchboard.

Three phase electricity is common in both larger homes and businesses, and allows for smaller, less expensive wiring, and lower voltages.

There are two main types of inverter they can be pure sine wave inverters or modified sinewave inverter. Choosing which one is best from such a long list can be a chore. There is no "best" inverter for all purposes what might be great for a massive power source might not not be suited for others. Some inverters are inbuilt with solar charging circuits also known as solar inverter. Get any of your preferred type of inverter at kara online store.

However, buying an inverter is one and getting an equipment to power it is another. An inverter can be powered with an inverter battery which store current after receiving charge from solar panels or through the use of a generator or Mains electric supply from PHCN in Nigeria.

Online/ Ups inverters come with external inverter battery to support longer backup time for IT and telecoms equipment like routers, switches, servers and more.

 Kara  Nigeria offers several brands from leading inverter manufacturers such as Sukam, Luminous, Prag, A&E, Blue Gate, Genus, Thermocool, Mpower, Cyber power,Brighton and more so buy your inverters from us and enjoy best price guarantee, a convenient payment option. Choose form our wide range of inverters from a 800V, 1kva Inverter, 2kva,3kv, 5kva, 10kva, 20kva and more.

Do you need a complete solar inverter installment solution with full kits like battery, Rack, charge controller and solar panel Kara online store offers the best solution at affordable prices. The cost of inverter battery is a major cost in calculating the price of a complete inverter solutions so the more the battery capacity, the higher the cost of buying an inverter. Get one now and enjoy unlimited power supply.

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