Fire Extinguisher 3kg co2


Overview of 3kg CO₂ Fire  Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher, or extinguisher, is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user (i.e., no escape route, smoke, explosion hazard, etc.), or otherwise requires the expertise of a fire department.

A fire extinguisher is a portable fire protection device which discharges gas, foam, water or other non-flammable materials to cease or stop fire in the event of a breakout. It is very essential to install fire extinguishers in residential, commercial and industrial setups in order to prevent or safeguard the premises from potential fires. These extinguishers are installed in homes, corridors, lobbies, reception areas, entrances and exits, laboratories, warehouses, kitchens, offices, malls, etc.

CO₂ fire extinguishers are ideal for use against Class B and Class C fires; it can also be used to tackle fires in electrical equipment such as computers, generators and more.   It is perfect those areas that have a large amount of electrical equipment such as server rooms, computer rooms or rooms that have power distribution boards. It has the highest extinguishing capability of the C02 range and has an excellent smothering capability which will suffocate a fire before it has a chance to take hold.

This 3kg CO2 (carbon dioxide) fire extinguisher comes with a trolley, a fire extinguisher location sign, and a CO2 fire extinguisher identification sign. The fire extinguisher features a hose with horn type nozzle end. 

When to use:

  • Class B fires – Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Class E fires – Electrically energized equipment

 It has a limited usefulness on small flammable liquid fires and cooking oil fires. CO2 Fire Extinguishers leave no residue.

Carbon Dioxide – CO2 Fire Extinguishers provide a very effective solution for fighting fires. They contain a well known cleaning agent that doesn’t leave a residue on the treated area. Carbon dioxide extinguishers work by displacing oxygen, or taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle. The carbon dioxide is also very cold as it comes out of the extinguisher, so it cools the fuel as well. CO2s may be ineffective at extinguishing Class A fires because they may not be able to displace enough oxygen to successfully put the fire out. Class A materials may also smolder and re-ignite.

 Key Features

  • Puncture Type
  • Refillable at site
  • Safety Valve
  • Brass Forged Cap
  • Propellant: Co2 Gas
  • Weather Resistance Epoxy Polyester Base powder coating
  • Plastic Wheel made out from Engineering for Squeezable grip on control
  • Comes with a trolley
  • Plastic for Chemical & Weather Resistance
  • Eco-friendly

Key Specifications 

Charge CO2 Gas
Capacity 3 kg
Rating 13B
Minimum Effective Discharge Time 8 seconds (Minimum)
Bulk Range Discharge 1 Meter (Minimum)
Cylinder Testing Pressure 250 bar
Gas Storage Pressure 50Kg/cm² approx.
Filling Density 0.667 Max.
Working Temperature -30° C to 55° C
Weight of one charged extinguisher 12.5 kg (approx.)
Standard Specification -
Suitable for B and C Class Fire

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