Fohow Asthma Solution Bundle

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Fohow Asthma Solution Bundle
Fohow Asthma Solution Bundle

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    Fohow Asthma Solution Bundle

    Prevention and long-term control are key in stopping asthma attacks before they start. Treatment usually involves learning to recognize your triggers, taking steps to avoid them and tracking your breathing to make sure your daily asthma medications are keeping symptoms under control. In case of an asthma flare-up, you may need to use a quick-relief inhaler

    Asthma can usually be managed with rescue inhalers to treat symptoms and controller inhalers that prevent symptoms. Severe cases may require longer-acting inhalers that keep the airways open, as well as oral steroids.

    Fohow Asthma solution Bundle products comes with six different drugs neccessary for the prevention and asthma attack. This consist of:

    Fohow Sanqing Oral, Fohow oral, Fohow Tea, fohow Linchzi , Garlic and Blood cleanser.

    Fohow Sanqing Oral Liquid

    Fohow Sanqing Oral Liquid is a natural and powerful free radicals eliminator and detoxifier with three highly useful functions: Intestine Cleansing, Detoxification and Dispersion of Blood Lipids. It can efficiently absorb a variety of toxins in the human body and then expel them, lower blood viscosity, regulate Yin and Yang in two directions, balance human bodily functions, and help maintain rejuvenation and fitness.

    This product is recommended to patients suffering from obstipation and hyperlipemia; inflammation of gastrointestinal tract; formation acne, nevus pigmentosis. It regulate Yin and Yang in two directions, balance human bodily functions, and help maintain rejuvenation and fitness.

    With no chemical or hormonal ingredients, it is an entirely natural healthcare product. it can also eliminate constipation, gastritis, enteritis, it is with no chemical or hormonal ingredients, it is an entirely natural health care product.


    Fahow Oral Ganoderma-Cordyceps Liquid is made and processed with high technologies. This protects the active ingredients in the formulation. As the product is for oral purpose, it is easily absorbed, at a rate which is 10 times than the traditional one.

    FOHOW ORAL LIQUID is capable of enhancing the immunity of cells, promoting the growth of leukocytes, increasing the volume of immunoglobulin and inducing the generation of interferon. As well as, activating the activity of natural killer cells, & increasing the weight of immune organs, such as the thymus glands, the spleen & the liver, so as to enhance the resistance of human body to all kinds of diseases.

    It is particularly applicable to patients who have difficulty recovering from diseases, people who are weak & in ill health. Likewise, those who have low resistance to diseases. It is also able to adjust the central nervous, enhance the sleeping quality and climacteric syndrome.This product is used to smoothen the nervous system  calm your mind, relieve pain and recover from soreness and weekness of the waist and knees.

    Fohow Liuwei Cha Tea

    Tea is known for its calming effect, and is suitable for people suffering from overweight, increased cholesterol level and arterial pressure.

    “Fohow Liuwei Cha” tea is made on the basis of TCM theory regarding the “unity of food and medicines” along with the application of highly scientific technologies using Chinese Cordyceps and Puer tea of three-year seasoning.

    Taking this tea before and after dinner can help reduce the intake of fat. it also helps to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, relieve the burden of the liver and kidney as well as reduce the outbreak of cancer. It also has the surprising effect of cooling blood, removing blood stasis and preventing chronic bronchitis and respiratory problems on smokers or asthma patient.

    Fohow Lingzhi

    Lingzhi is also called the "plant of eternal youth." It has long been believed that ganoderma strengthens the body, stimulates the production of seed and promotes longevity.
    FOHOW Linchzhi Capsule slow down tumor growth, strengthen the heart, protect the liver, regulate blood pressure, lower blood sugar, relieve fatigue, slow the aging process, soothes and improves the quality of sleep. This capsule is a source of polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

    “Linchzhi” capsules effectively improve head and spinal cord blood stream, help to supply the nervous cells with oxygen and food stuff, regenerate the affected encephalon cells, renew their interaction and accelerate information transfer.

    Fohow Garlic Essence Oil Soft capsule

    Fohow Garlic Essence Oil Soft capsule is made by the use of high quality garlic with advanced low-temperature critical extraction technology and advanced technology and equipment to professionally extract 100% of the active ingredients of garlic which are beneficial for the human body. It is also another pure natural healthy product with high purity and high density and marked efficacy which does not contain any impurities and harmful substances.

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