Fohow Children Care Bundle

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Fohow Children Care Bundle
Fohow Children Care Bundle

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    Fohow Children Care Bundle

    Fohow children care bundle consist of three different health care product to give your children the best hygien and perfect health.

    The bundle consist of Fohow Linchzhi Capsules, Fohow Hai Zao Ga (Calcium) and Fohow Cordyceps Toothpaste.

    Fohow Cordyceps Toothpaste

    Fohow Cordyceps Day and Night Toothpaste helps slows down the oxidation process, protects the natural color of teeth, removes wine, coffee, tea or nicotine plaque, reduces the risk of tartar formation and plaque buildup. It  reduces breeding of harmful bacteria and improves the condition of the teeth and gums. Helps to eliminate the inflammation and pain in the teeth. Using toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay. 

    The combination of these three product will sure give your children a healty and hygienic body.

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