Fohow Hai Zao Ga (Calcium)

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Fohow HAIZAO GAI Calcium Soft Capsules is formed into a liquid calcium product which is extracted and purified from naturally growing algae. Algal calcium can actually strengthen the immune system, helping the body to replenish the calcium missing from the bones and teeth. There are also health care functions such as decreasing blood pressure, preventing heart disease, myopia, kidney stones, premenstrual syndrome, and promoting anti-cancer, longevity, etc.

It Containing 73 necessary mineral substances for human health, and having a ph value of 7.0, Algae Calcium Soft Capsules exert no stimulation upon the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, out of all calcium-supplementation products, it is the easiest to digest.

·Prevent aging process
·Vitamin & mineral insufficient
·Preventive maintenance and treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis, rachitis.
·Skin disease (itch, eczema, skin peeling )
·Swollen feet
·Prevention of tumor
·Heart diseases
·Increase in broken or cracked nails

This product is an approved health solution by WHO and NAFDAC with number A7-1781L

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Product Name Fohow Hai Zao Ga (Calcium)
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