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  1. Hisense Side By Side Refrigerator 514L - 67WSBG
    Special Price ₦241,500.00 Regular Price ₦276,000.00
  2. Hisense Side by Side Refrigerator 516 Litres- REF 67 WS
    Special Price ₦207,000.00 Regular Price ₦230,000.00
  3. Hisense REF 76 WS Side by Side Refrigerator 562 Litres
    Special Price ₦235,800.00 Regular Price ₦260,500.00
  4. Hisense Double Door Refrigerator 302 Litres - REF 302 DR
    Special Price ₦113,000.00 Regular Price ₦130,200.00
  5. Hisense Double Door Refrigerator 260 Litres - REF 260 DR
    Special Price ₦102,000.00 Regular Price ₦119,000.00
  6. Hisense Double Door Refrigerator 215 Litres - REF 215DR
    Special Price ₦86,400.00 Regular Price ₦105,000.00
  7. Hisense Refrigerator Single Door 45 Litres - REF 046DR
    Special Price ₦33,000.00 Regular Price ₦39,600.00
  8. Hisense Refrigerator Single Door 150 Litres - REF RS20S
    Special Price ₦71,000.00 Regular Price ₦78,400.00
  9. Hisense Refrigerator Single Door 100 Litres - REF 100 DR
    Special Price ₦43,200.00 Regular Price ₦46,200.00

13 Items

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 Hisense refrigerators in Nigeria at the best prices online

Refrigerators are one of the most important home appliances when it comes to home electronics. It is important to keep your food fresh and safe so every household needs a high-quality refrigerator to keep the system going.

Keep things cool and fresh with Hisense. Find the perfect fridge and freezer style to suit your kitchen and your cooking style. Hisense fridges and freezers are available in an assortment of capacities, colours and designs, all of which are as stunning as the next. You can choose between side by side, bottom mounted or French door refrigerators . Likewise, a bar fridges to chest freezers, upright and many more. Are you looking to upgrading your current refrigerator. There is sure to be a Hisense refrigerator for you in our selection.

Buy Hisense Freezers in Nigeria Online:

Freezers come with a variety of unique features, styles, colors and designs. Ranging from single door refrigerators, two-doors, multi door, cross door-doors, french door, side by side, are in high demand too. Hisense refrigerator is built with the highest standards, making any choice you make a smart choice. With high-quality  features, designs and lot more than an ordinary refrigerator. Hisense Refrigerators are premium. Along with the dispansal, freezer and more. You can find various kinds of deep freezers in Nigeria.

Hisense fridges and freezers are available in an assortment of capacities and designs including energy conservation models. Every household needs a refrigerator which keeps the food fresh. With a lot of space for keeping all the food including, vegetables, fruits, snacks, frozen food, drinks etc. There should be proper controls in the fridge to control the temperature and moisture. When buying the refrigerators, you should look out for some most important features. This includes, the wide shelves, separators, ice boxes, noise controls, moisture & humidity controls, temperature controls and quick freeze sections. A refrigerator is assessed by its capacity, defrosting, shelves capacity, deodorizer, stable plumbing, water dispenser and deep freezer. You need to select the freezer which suits your requirements.

Hisense refrigerator Price in Nigeria

Hisense offers the best price for there products. Get the best price for Hisense Refrigerator from Kara Nigeria. Our purchase option includes payment on deliver and bank transfer. Buy high-end home appliances in the easiest and comfortable way online on Kara Nigeria

Where is Hisense fridges made?

Hisense fridege are designs, manufactures in China. Hisense-Hitachi products are sold around the world. It is now a popular product with effective customer service.