iPower 200Bs (200AH/12V ) Front Terminal Battery (Slim Battery)


iPower 200AH/ 12V Battery Overview

iPower 200AH battery is a deep cycled sealed maintenance-free battery designed for inverters, telecommunication and other applications involving battery back-up need that involve continuous charging and discharging.

This battery is designed to store DC power and which is converted to AC in orther to power your home appliances, when there is no public power supply available. This iPowerPlus Inverter battery is 200AH with 12V.

The battery is nicely structed, giving a slim body with lasting power.


  • Perfect Match for your Inverter Systems.
  • Performs under extreme conditions.
  • Withstands Deep Discharge and Overcharge.
  • Excellent protection against leakage and corrosion.
  • Strong Containers/Covers.
  • Intercell Welding reduces chances of accidental short-circuiting of cells.
  • Special Lead Alloy Composition.
  • Excellent charge acceptance.
  • Large electrolyte volume.
  • Microporous PVC Separators.


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Product NameiPower 200Bs (200AH/12V ) Front Terminal Battery (Slim Battery)
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