Ipowerplus 3KVA Inverter - Transformer based


iPowerPlus is a unique digital smart power solutions. The IPower X 24V 3KVA inverter is designed to power your home, offices, appliances and precious electronics. Its compact size enables easy installation and high movability.

The IPower Plus 24V 3KVA Solar Hybrid Inverter comes with 25A MPPT solar charge controller (maximum solar input power of 600w) outputs a pure sinewave voltage. The IPower Plus inverter comes with an LCD display which shows detailed information about the inverter charing current, load, input sources etc. Using the buttons and display, you can also set the type of battery used.

Its also an hybrid system meaning that it can charge (and also power the load simultaneously) the batteries with either AC or solar power. The solar charge controller that is required for solar charging. What's more, this charge controller is internal and is one installed by the manufcturer of the inverter, best suited for its charging performance.

The inverter also uses ferrite core transformers which makes it very power efficient especially as a solar inverter.

Ferrite core inverters have following advantages over iron core inverters:

• High efficiency
• Small in size
• Low in weight
• Low cost
• Heat generation is also less.

The IPower Plus 3 KVA inverter can power one 42 inch flat LED television/decoder/dvd player (100W), one samsung inverter referigerator (about 200W), one standing fan (60w) and four 5w energy saving bulbs for 24 hours using a 200AH battery bank


Input mode/ Inverter mode/ UPS mode

Rated values:

  • Input voltage 220VAC
  • Input frequency 50HZ
  • Number of input phases: Single phase

Input voltage range: 160V~265VAC

Input frequency range: 38~70HZ


Model: 3000VA

Output voltage

  • Mains mode: UPS mode: 195V~245V
  • INV mode: 170V~255V
  • Battery mode: 20V±5%(resistive load)

Output frequency

  • Mains mode: Synchronous with grid power
  • Battery mode:50HZ±1HZ


  • Mains mode: Tracking mains power
  • Battery mode: Sine wave

Output power factor: 0.8

Output power: 2400W


Over temperature protection:

  • When heatsink temperature exceeds90ºC: Shut down charger in mains mode, and shut down inverter in battery mode

Over voltage protection

  • Shut down output when the voltage is above 285+/-10V

Under voltage protection

  • Shut down output when the voltage is below 120+/-10V

Short circuit protection

  • Shut down output

Audible noise: ≤55dB (1m)

Insulation resistance: > 2MΩ (500Vdc)

Dielectric strength: 2820Vdc


Item 3000VA

Rated battery voltage 48V

Battery low alarm 44.8V±0.3V


Item: 3000VA

Charging Current (PWM):100Amp

Battery Voltage: 48Vdc

Operating Voltage Range 60~64Vdc

  • iPower XPLus 3Kva/48V Transformer Based Inverter
  • 3000VA
  • 48V
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