LG Audio HI-FI System 98CL XBOOM


LG Audio HI-FI System 98CL XBOOM:

LG XBOOM CL98 pumps out mighty sound with booming bass. Get the crowd jumping with thunderous beats that everyone can feel. 

Flashing colored lights and X-Flash Pro sync with the music to add excitement and atmosphere to parties. Have fun using a variety of DJ sound effects straight from your smartphone.

Choose your own sound and push the accelerator forward. Hear the sound build until it peaks with a thunderous boom. Singing is easy and enjoyable with a voice canceller to reduce in-track vocals and a key changer that tunes the music to your voice. You can also choose 18 different vocal effects to sing with. Link two LG XBOOM CL98 systems together wirelessly to increase the output to 7000 watts. This is immense sound for amazing parties.


  • 3500W
  • Xboom DJ Sharing 
  • Karaoke Star
  • Dual Usb
  • DJ Loop
  • USB
  • AUX 
  • Multi Color Lighting 
  • Woofer
  • 2 Speakers
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Product NameLG Audio HI-FI System 98CL XBOOM
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