Mercury 3KVA Online UPS

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Overview of Mercury 3kva Online UPS:

You may be wondering, why is there online Uninteruptible Power Supply. The difference between online and off-line Uninteruptible Power Supply(UPS), is that the offline Uninteruptible Power Supply bypass the energy received from consumer. The inverter in the offline UPS in special cases are always off. While in the case of Mercury 3kva Online UPS, the DC power available in the inverter convert it into AC power.

One of the advantages of Mercury 3kva Online UPS is that it rectifier from AC power to DC. The inverter component allows it to also convert DC to AC for stable power.

The Mercury 3kva Online UPS is often recommend for sensitive equipment. This includes large computer networks, Main Frame, sensitive medical equipment and telecommunications. Servers are very sensitive, thus, there must be stable power supply.

This UPS is able to met all power protective measure for all network servers and equipment. Even when the deployment demands zero tolerance for break in power supply.

This high frequency Online UPS is what you need enjoy top performance at affordable prices. Get UPS for uninterruptible power supplies and voltage regulation of input power system. It has audible alarms to alert for failure in power supply. This UPS produces a pure sine wave output, thus, Generating a less electrical noise when used.

The Mercury 3kva Online UPS outstanding performance is up to 2100W capacity. It can sustain many office device up to 16 minutes power backup at half load and 5 minutes backup at full load. Its powered by 8x 7AH battery.

Get an online UPS for backup power, power fluctuations or any power problem. This battery power regulator helps with power management of our appliances. The uninterrupted power source switch to battery immediately there is failure in power supply. Mercury ups comes with long lasting battery life to sustain any mission critical or not.

  • Input voltage: 115VAC(±5) ~ 295VAC(±5) if load ≤ 70%; 160VAC(±5) ~ 295VAC(±5) if load ≥ 70
  • %Input frequency: 46 ~ 54(50Hz)±0.5Hz; 56 ~ 64(60Hz)±0.5Hz auto sensing
  • Input phase: Single phase
  • Input socket: With Fuse
  • Cold Start (0 to 100% load): Press the ON/OFF switch
  • Input range: (220V) 140V-300V
  • Rating output voltage(VA): 3KVA / 2100W
  • Rating output (W): 390W
  • Rating output (W): Battery mode(simulated sine wave)
  • AC mode: (sine wave)
  • Power factor: ≥ 0.97
  • Rating voltage: 96VDC
  • Output range: 220Vac-7%+15% ( in battary mode )
  • Rear Output Socket: 2xUniversal - Battery backup
  • Transfer time: TYPICAL 4-8 ms
  • Communication: RS232 ; SNMP (optional)
  • Rating frequency: 50Hz
  • Output Frequency: Line-mode Synchronize with the Utility
  • Battery mode: 8x 12V / 7AH
  • Short Circuit Protection: 5 cycles turn off inverter, no transfer tp bypass, provide alarm (AC mode); 5 cycles turn off inverter, provide alarm (AC mode); Unput fuse blown or breaker action (bypass mode)
  • Capacity: 3KVA / 2100WnputzPhase: Single Phase
  • Technology: High frequency and double conversion on-line technologyFully digitized microprocessor control
  • Wide input voltage range: 115VAC(±5) ~ 295VAC(±5) if load ≤ 70%
  • LCD display
  • UPS startup without battery
  • Cold start
  • Advanced battery management
  • Automatic battery charge in UPS off mode
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Fan speed auto control when loads varies
  • Network/Fax/Modem surge protection
  • Optional extension battery pack
  • Battery voltage display
  • Load capacity display
  • EMI/RFI noise filter
  • Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software
  • Optional SNMP Card slot
  • EPO function (optional)
  • Input L and N reversed alarm function
  • Battery: 8x 12V / 7AH
  • Ideal applications: Small network, servers and other IT equipment

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