Nexus Microwave with Grill - 20 Ltrs NX-804


Overview of Nexus Microwave with Grill - 20 Ltrs NX-804:

Nexus Microwave with Grill - 20 Ltrs NX-804 is one of the common microwave ovens that also has the function of grill and cook food from the inside out, meaning from the center of the entire mass of food outwards. This idea arises from heating behavior seen if an absorbent layer of water lies beneath a less absorbent drier layer at the surface of a food; in this case, the deposition of heat energy inside a food can exceed that on its surface. This can also occur if the inner layer has a lower heat capacity than the outer layer causing it to reach a higher temperature, or even if the inner layer is more thermally conductive than the outer layer making it feel hotter despite having a lower temperature. In most cases, it is uniformly structured or reasonably homogenous food item; the Nexus Microwave with Grill - 20 Ltrs NX-804 are absorbed in the outer layers of the item at a similar level to that of the inner layers. Depending on water content, the depth of initial heat deposition may be several centimeters or more with microwave ovens, in contrast to broiling (infrared) or convection heating—methods which deposit heat thinly at the food surface. Penetration depth of microwaves is dependent on food composition and the frequency, with lower microwave frequencies (longer wavelengths) penetrating further. Nexus Microwave with Grill - 20 Ltrs NX-804 is frequently used for reheating leftover food and bacterial contamination. Defrost oven settings use low power levels designed to allow time for heat to be conducted within frozen foods from areas that absorb heat more readily to those which heat more slowly.

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  • 700w Microwave Output
  • Grill Power : 1000W
  • Microwave Frequency: 2450 MHz
  • White Cavity
  • Defrost Setting
  • 7 Auto Menu
  • Kitchen Timer
  • Glass Turntable diameter: 255mm

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