Nexus Water Heater NX-WH1500


Overview of Nexus Water Heater NX-WH1500:

The Nexus Water Heater is another wonderful technology designed for your need by Deekay groups. The need for Hot water in the households is most needed during winter months because the water coming into the home is colder and more heat is lost to cold surrounding air temperatures. Not to mention that a long, hot shower just feels good during the cold winter months. 

The Water Heater is an amazing product from Nexus and is also designed with a good technology for your comfort, buy Nexus Nexus Water Heater from Kara online store and enjoy the efficiency, durability, and quality for a water heater and all other products from Nexus 

Specifications of Nexus Water Heater NX-WH1500:

  • Rated Press 0.75±0.05 Mpa
  • Heating Element S/S 316
  • Heating Element Power cable and Plug
  • BS Plug with 1.5m power cable
  • Thermostat 75?±5? Thermal cut out 93?±3?
  • Anode rod Keep longer life of tank Safety valve
  • 0.75Mpa/0.80Mpa Multi-functional safety valve



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Product NameNexus Water Heater NX-WH1500
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