Prag 20KVA Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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Overview of Prag 20KVA Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

Prag 20KVA Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer is a solution to Nigeria Low, High, and Fluctuating electricity Voltage. The Voltage regulation of Prag 20KVA Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer problems account for more than 90% of the power quality problems seen at most sites.
PRAG Voltage Stabilizers provide protection against main power sags, surges and brownouts. PRAG stabilizer has a wide input voltage tolerance. Its designed to provide the ultimate reliability in hostile environments, where the quality of the mains supply is not guaranteed.
Prag 20KVA Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer features. This includes Auto start, Surge protection, Short-circuit protection. As well as, over voltage shutdown, under voltage shutdown, Start delay protection. Sign ON/OFF select, 220V/230V output voltage select, Wide voltage regulation range.
You can use this Prag stabilizer to protect your Flats, Offices, High-rise building. As well as, elevator control, large A/C chillers and lighting. Likewise, other sensitive critical systems, regulation for broadcast transmitter sites and studios. It also protects industrial automation, process control, CNC, factory robotics, heavy load machinery. Like, X-ray, CT scanner, MRI system, Radiation therapy, machine, other medical imaging equipment. Mobile base stations, exchanges stations, control centers and transmission relay stations.
Prag stabilizer helps protect all electrical appliances in your premises. Stablizer and protect your home office electronics form destructive power surge.
A Prag 20kva stabilizer can power a lot of powerful appliances. This includes electronics, lights, fans, washing machine, photocopier printer, desktops. Likewise, air conditioner, fridges, freezers, tv, home theatre,dvd, satellite, and more.
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  • Model: PT-20KVA
  • Power: 20KVA
  • Input voltage: 130V-260V AC
  • Technology: Servo Technology + Toroidal Transformer System
  • Efficiency: > 97%
  • Display: LED/LCD Digital Display
  • Over-voltage protection: AC246 ± 4V
  • High Temperature
  • Short Circuit
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Delay Time: Short Delay (3-5 sec)
  • Output voltage: 220V ± 10%
  • Phase: Single

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