Prag 30KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer


Overview of Prag 30KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

Prag 30KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer Stablize and Protect all electrical appliances in your premises: Air Conditioners, Fridges, Freezers, TV, Home Theatre, DVD, Satellite Decoder, Electronics, Lights, Fans, Washing Machine, Microwave, Pumping Machine, Photocopier, Printer, Desktops, Notebooks, etc. Extreme Wide Input Voltage (80-260V)

TND-30K Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Series is based on digital technology; provides voltage stabilization and protection to appliances and equipment; designed as a central stabilizer to handle all house loads.

Stabilizers in these category are capable of handling industrial loads. An industrial voltage stabilizer is what you need for big offices in order to ensure stable current required to protect you office appliances

Features Prag 30KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

  • Input Voltage (80-260V).
  • Steady output voltage
  • Digital Control
  • Servo Control + Toroidal Transformer Technology
  • LED display
  • Low and Over voltage protection


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Product NamePrag 30KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer
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