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  1. Hisense Refrigerator Single Door 45 Litres - REF 046DR
    Special Price ₦33,000.00 Regular Price ₦39,600.00
  2. Hisense Refrigerator Single Door 150 Litres - REF RS20S
    Special Price ₦71,000.00 Regular Price ₦78,400.00
  3. LG Single Door Refrigerator -331 SLBB Silver
    Special Price ₦95,000.00 Regular Price ₦108,200.00
  4. LG Single Door Refrigerator - 201 SQ
    Special Price ₦61,000.00 Regular Price ₦79,400.00
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Where To Buy Single Door Refrigerator In Nigeria?

A single door fridge offers generous space for all your fresh foods, groceries and gives you the flexibility to choose a matching vertical freezer to make a good pair. The price of single door fridge is moderate and it will suit your budget. Looking for Haier Thermocool, LG, Samsung, Beko, Midea Single door refrigerator in Nigeria can be a huge task because of the quality and the price list for such single door fridge from different brands varies. With many Online and offline store to choose from in Nigeria. The best online shopping website to get the deal price for Single door refrigerator is . Single door fridge on comes with best quality, best price and warranty.

Buy Single Door Refrigerators on

The importance of Single Door Refrigerator cannot be neglected. Refrigerator gives you the opportunity to store your food and this eliminate the food from contaminated. If  you are still a bachelor or student, you will enjoy the Single Fridge because of its size and litres. Grab the best deal on Haier on Haier Thermocool, Midea , QASA, Polystar  , Samsung, Beko, LG Single Door Fridge on at the deal prices. There is also chance to buy it in bulk price.Enjoy quick delivery in Lagos , Nationwide delivery,f lexible payment plan such as Bank transfer, Online payment and pay on delivery.