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  1. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine TLW3.5
    Special Price ₦29,990.00 Regular Price ₦35,000.00
  2. LG Washing Machine Top Load 9KG P1400ROP
    Special Price ₦102,000.00 Regular Price ₦131,300.00
  3. Scanfrost Washing Machine Semi Automatic SFWMTTA
    Special Price ₦54,000.00 Regular Price ₦60,000.00
  4. LG Washing Machine Top loader 13 KG Automatic 1049
    Special Price ₦172,000.00 Regular Price ₦179,400.00
    Out of stock
  5. LG Washing Machine Automatic Front Loader 10C3L
    Special Price ₦119,000.00 Regular Price ₦157,400.00
    Out of stock
  6. Haier Thermocool Washing Machine Front Load FL07 - 7KG
    Special Price ₦138,000.00 Regular Price ₦156,700.00
  7. LG Washing Machine Automatic Top Loader T6511
    Special Price ₦115,000.00 Regular Price ₦143,800.00
    Out of stock
  8. LG Washing Machine Automatic Top Load Direct Drive WM1103
    Special Price ₦235,000.00 Regular Price ₦258,800.00
    Out of stock
  9. LG Washing Machine Automatic 17KG Washer and Dryer 1255RD
    Special Price ₦511,800.00 Regular Price ₦629,000.00
    Out of stock
  10. LG Washing Machine Automatic Front Loader 1091 - Direct Drive
    Special Price ₦55,000.00 Regular Price ₦57,600.00
    Out of stock
  11. LG Washing Machine Manual Top Loader 1860
    Special Price ₦121,000.00 Regular Price ₦154,500.00

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Where to Buy Best Washing Machine in Nigeria?

The washing machine is one of the most essential home appliance in Nigerian homes today. Back in the day, it was seen to be a Luxurious piece of equipment for the reach. But nowadays, it has become form of a necessity and an appendage to carry out day to day activities.

The Washing machine was designed to reduce manual washing time and also make it as stress free as possible. Overtime, many manufacturing companies have come up with different categories of this device so as to meet the demands and also the financial capabilities of different customers in different economic levels.

Washing Machine can be categorized on so many levels. These are;

1. In terms of loader: - This means the way the machine is being opened. There are two types;

• The top loader: In this design, the cloths are fed into the machine from the top. The main advantage of the top loader is the reliance on gravity to contain the water, rather than potentially trouble-prone or short-lived front door seals. Also, Top loaders may require less periodic maintenance, since there is no need to clean a door seal.

• Front loader: In this design, the cloths to be washed are fed into the machine horizontally from the front. This mode is usually employed by industrial based washing machines.

2. In terms of operation: In this classification, some washing machines can only was while some can do but washing and spinning.

3. Washing machines can also be categorized based on their weight. There are different weight categories for different machines.

Buying Washing Machines at KARA.COM.NG

Here at kara.com.ng, we have a wide range of quality and to notch up to date home appliances online. The washing machines are one of our products that are available for our customers. These washing machines are durable and will provide you with an effective and efficient method of taking care of your laundry with low power consumption.

Optimize your everyday living by making washing real easy with less effort by using washing machines Kara.com.ng. That’s why the top loader washing machines to the front loader washing machine type are designed to make every day laundry easie. These is possible by being of  high standard and quality, providing guaranteed convenience and affordability.

To top it all, Kara.com.ng offers premium quality washing machines and dryers that are well-diversified to suit all your needs. The level of efficiency in this home appliance is incredible as it would wash it faster and you are sure to get a very clean output once done.

When you use a washer, you save yourself a lot of stress and time while you also consume less energy in the process. Get the best washers and dryers when you buy washing machine in Nigeria on Kara.com.ng. We also have the best washing machine for your laundry business. We at Kara.com.ng know that Washing of clothes is very important when it comes to your personal hygiene. Therefore we advise you to come to Kara.com.ng and purchase your washing machine in Nigeria. With modern technology, the equipment can be as quiet as possible with very low noise and less vibrations.

We have a large selection of top loaders washing machine on Kara.com.ng like the LG washing machine for you to choose from. We have a selection of tested and trusted brands such as Samsung, Midea, Century, Hisense, Scanfrost, Haier Thermocool washing machine, Ignis, Scanfrost, Qasa, LG washing machines and much more. They come in as automatic top load fully automatic , front load, single tub load washers, twin tub and are washers and dryers. Prices are specified per product

We have a product that suits everyone’s taste like the washing machine without spin and the washing machine with spin and washing machine and dryer combined together to take away stress. it’s all just a few clicks away. Indulge in our affordable and unique online shopping experience with a huge hassle, shop at Kara.com.ng today for quality home appliances with home delivery. Wondering how much is washing machine? Select and you only have to pay on delivery. All our products have a warranty, so why not avoid all that traffic as you relax and place your order on our online shop and we will deliver to you anywhere nationwide.

Automatic washing machine

Putting your clothes in a fully automatic type of washing machine means you choose your preferred washing option, put your clothes in the machine and put the washing detergent at the appropriate compartment. Start the washing option with the best wash cycle, seat and relax till the washing is complete. So how to use the automatic washing machine is straight forward. There are usually many options available within a washing machine.

Top Load automatic washing machine

These are loaded from the top of the washing machine, so you can only put your cloth from the top and tae them out from the top. Be careful not to manually put water manually as they are supposed to be supplied through the water supply system. 

Front load automatic washing machine

These are loaded from the front compartment and are efficient in the management of water. 

Where to Buy Nexus Washing Machine online in Nigeria?

The Nexus Washing Machine is one of the top washing machines available in the country today. Nexus products provide the ideal laundry appliance for every household. They are usually is easy to use and light-weighted so you can move it around the house easily. The various capacity the washer comes in effortlessly combines style and functionality, making it both efficient and user-friendly. The Nexus Washing Machines are packed with full features; they can come with a twin tub, pure copper motor and rustless plastic body, it also features over-load protection and buzzer as well as a timer.

Buying Nexus Washing Machine AT KARA.COM.NG

Kara.com.ng is the place to be when it comes to online shopping in Nigeria to get Nexus washing Machine. We offer the best prices on Home Appliances and that includes Nexus washing Machine. If you are looking for where to buy modern kitchen appliances and small appliances for your comfort, we have got you covered. With our flexible payment mode such as Pay on delivery, bank transfer, online payment etc, you will be happy as our customer for the comfort. We also deliver within 1day if the delivery is within Lagos, and 2 to 5 days for delivery to other parts of the Nation.