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Where To Buy Nexus Refrigerator Online In Nigeria?

One of the most essential and important appliance is Refrigerators in our homes, Finding where to buy quality home appliances can be huge issue to select the right online store for home and kitchen appliances in Nigeria.

At, you will find quality and durable Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers in the following products category,Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers online shopping website. These products are from premium brands of Nexus. is the best online shopping website in Nigeria to buy Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers. Looking for the best prices on Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers such as Side by Side refrigerator and Freezers, Small refrigerator at discount price, Kara shopping site is the best place. Shop for the best Nexus Products at affordable prices. With our flexible payment mode such as Pay on delivery, Bank transfer, Online payment etc., You will be happy as our customer for the comfort. We also deliver within 1days within Lagos, and 2 to 5 days for Nationwide delivery


Design & Usability


Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers comes with matching control panel blends in well with the exterior finish. When active, the responsive touch screen initially displays animated icons based on which dispenser setting is active—water, crushed ice, or cubed ice. Even with the added animations, prompts are intuitive, and settings require minimal effort to cater.


The doors themselves have a definite sense of weight to them, and require some force to open. Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers design quibble actually came down to the handles. Unlike most handles, which feel smooth, the Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers have a coarse, grainy texture. They're not rough or sandpapery.


Open the doors and you’ll see bright LED lighting illuminate the spacious interior. It’s replete with adjustable shelves, two crispers, and a full-width drawer with independently adjustable temperature.


Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers are one of the lowest-priced Refrigerators and freezers on the market doesn't mean it feels cheap. Absent an in-door ice maker, there's plenty of room to store food in the Refrigerators or Freezers. Sure, most the Refrigerators and Freezers shelves have chunky plastic trim, but that's the only sign of cost cutting.


Both the crisper and freezer drawers slide smoothly, and one of the adjustable fridge shelves has a retractable front. Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers thermostat is digital, and even the pantry drawer is decked out with three temperature settings of its own: Chilled (34°F), Fresh (38°F), and Deli (41°F). Plus, as we mentioned, you do get an ice maker. Down in most freezers, a large bucket holds enough cubes to get the party started.


Performance & Features


Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers performance is as close to perfect as we’ve ever seen. Temperatures were cool and consistent, and the standard crisper’s rivalled any other drawer we’ve tested. Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers are exceptionally energy efficient, too, despite its size.


The only quibble we had was with the freezer. While consistent over time, sections of the lower drawer didn’t quite make it down to 0°F or below. An average of 0.9°F isn’t all that much warmer than ideal, but anything stored for an exceptionally long period of time above 0ºF may start to develop some traces of freezer burn. Turn the freezer temperature down a degree or two, and you should be fine.


In terms of features, Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers pretty much pulled out all the stops. You’ve got basic fridge functions, like Turbo Cool and Turbo Freezer, as well as a door-mounted icemaker in the fridges. The Temperature Adjust Drawer in the fridges offers four distinct settings: Meat (32°F), Beverage (34°F), Deli (36°F), and Neutral if you just want to use it as a drawer.


You also get some high-tech options like Precise Fill, which removes the need for a measuring cup, as well as a USB port on the underside of the controls, for transferring photos to create a personalized slide show on fridge's screen. Since magnets don't work on actual stainless steel, this could be a great way to display your kid's latest artistic creation.


Perhaps most exciting is Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers continued use of the hot water dispenser. With four preset temperature modes, customizable settings with a range of 90-185°F, a tutorial video, and built-in safeguards, this fridge could erase the need to own a standalone kettle.


 Latest Nexus Refrigerators Price At

All new Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers , Updated to meet Energy Star's new refrigerator requirements, space and durability tested are available at

Most sizable Refrigerator and Freezers which most comes with hot water dispenser , animated touch screen controls and Precise Fill feature, is without question one of the best Refrigerator and Freezers in the market today.

Nexus Refrigerators and Freezers are consistent, efficient, spacious, attractive, and practical. Whether you’ve got a big family or just want the best Refrigerator or Freezer out there, Nexus has everything you’re looking for and more.



Nexus Refrigerator and Freezer
Minimal Price: 63,000.00

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