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Where To Buy Refrigerators And Freezers Online In Nigeria?

One of the most essential and important appliance is Refrigerator and Freezer in our homes, there are essential commodity for our home and kitchen use. Finding where to buy quality home appliances can be huge issue to select the right online store for home and kitchen appliances in Nigeria. At, you will find quality and durable home appliances in the following products category – , Refridgerators and Freezersonline shopping website. These products are from premium brands like LG, Haier Thermocool, Samsung, Scanfrost, Qasa, Panasonic and more. is the best online shopping website in Nigeria to buy Refrigerators and Freezers. Looking for the best prices on Refrigerators and Freezers such as Side by Side refridgerator and Freezers, Small refrigerator at discount price, Kara shopping site is the best place. Shop for the best Thermocool Products at affordable prices. With our flexible payment mode such as Pay on delivery, Bank transfer, Online payment etc., You will be happy as our customer for the comfort. We also deliver within 1days within Lagos, and 2 to 5 days for Nationwide delivery

Buying Refrigerators And Freezers At

Kara gives the good and quality options on sale of Refridgerators and Freezersbased on customers review and demands. Buying at kara is whole lot fun and trust worthy at affordable and reasonable price with all round support and advise. Buying Refrigeratorsand Freezers at Kara with simplified and explained features of Refrigeratorsand Freezers.

Its true that Refrigerators and Freezers are a basic necessity in every home. Deciding on a Refridgerators and Freezersbrand, capacity and model type depends on various factors like number of people in your house, food habits, how often you shop to stock your fridge etc. At Kara we give you all the requirements, key features, and sizes you need in a Refrigerator and Fridge to make your home comfi.


For a family of 2, Refridgerators and Freezers having capacity of 175/185 should be adequate
• A family of 4,
Refridgerators and Freezers having 250 to 300L capacity should be adequate
• A family of 6 should consider a larger sized
Refridgerators and Freezers (300 to 350L).



when thinking of buying a Refrigerators and Freezers it should have these basic features, including some optional up-grades or add-ons, which may make your new Refridgerator and Freezera better fit for your home:

  • Capacity

  • Efficiency

  • Water and Ice Dispenser

  • Spill Proof Shelves

  • Contour Door Styling

  • Fast-cooling Compartment

  • Quiet Operation

  • Door Alarms

  • Improved Insulation

  • External LCD Control Panel

  • Temperature-controlled drawers

  • Toughened Glass Shelves

  • V.C Fresh Technology

  • Luxury Home Bar


Requirements for storage and capacity in a refrigerator will depend upon the family or household size. Following can largely be used as a thumb rule












Household Size












Types of Refrigerators And Freezers

Standard Single Door Refridgerators and Freezers

You can go for standard single door Refridgerators and Freezersif you have space constraints at your home. They are compact and take only less space at home. Single door r Refridgerators and Freezerscan also be used in small grocery shops, offices and for other commercial use. Single door Refridgerators and Freezerscome with multiple racks to hold your food items. They have a refrigerator and freezer compartment inside and a chilling tray to keep dairy products. You can find a vegetable bin at the bottom and small shelves on the swing door for eggs, beverage bottles and other items. Single door refrigerators are perfect for a family of four. They also make an economical choice. Single door refrigerators are available from a capacity of 120 litres to 250 litres.

Direct Cool Refrigerators Freezers

Energy efficient and compact, direct cool Refridgerators and Freezersuse a natural convection element to keep the food items cool and fresh. They ensure superior freezing performance without consuming more power. Direct cool refrigerators and freezers come with an auto defrost option for convenience.

Frost Free Refrigerators and Freezers

Frost free refrigerators eliminate the need for manual defrosting. They use a heating coil that melts the frost on the exterior part of the freezer to ensure long life and keep the food fresh for a long time.

Standard Double Door Refrigerators and Freezers

Standard double door refrigerators offer maximum storage capacity, thanks to their multiple shelves and door racks. They are great for a big family. Featuring a separate freezer compartment and a fridge compartment, these models help you organise food items according to the cooling needs. Since they do not allow cold air to escape, these units help consume less energy.

Side-by-Side Door Refrigerators and Freezers

Side-by-side door Refridgerators and Freezers are not only functional, but are also stylish as well. They look elegant and complement any kitchen’s style. Side-by-side door Refridgerators and Freezersoffer enormous storage space as they contain more shelves, racks and additional compartments. Most of them are equipped with an LCD or LED display to easily change the settings and to show temperature. Side-by-side door refrigerators and freezers are versatile too. Some models feature water or ice dispenser, eliminating the need to open the door every time.

Multi-door Refrigerators and Freezers

Multi-door Refridgerators and Freezersare multi functional. They feature separate compartments for fruits, vegetables, drinks, eggs and dairy items, so optimal temperature for each food item is maintained. Some models have LED lighting that saves energy without emitting much heat.



 As is the case for most fancy fridges these days, online shopping store offers a three-part warranty. For one year, will pay for parts and labor to fix any manufacturer defect. On top of that, the refrigeration system—compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, and connecting tubing—carries five years of parts and labor coverage—a contrast to many other refrigerator warranties, which just cover parts. Finally, the digital inverter compressor gets a whopping ten years of parts coverage, but only five years of labor.


A Princely Fridge......for a pauper's coin

Open any design magazine or turn on any remodelling TV show, and you'll quickly see that Thermocool Refridgerators and Freezers are more popular than ever. If you want to upgrade your Refrigerator or Freezer but don't want to spend thousands, Thermocool Products Are your best bet. With their beautiful fit and finish, spacious interior, consistent temperatures, and handy features, these entry-level Refrigerator and Freezers doors are the superior budget-friendly upgrade for your kitchen.

Refridgerator and freezer
Minimal Price: 7,500.00

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