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Gone are those days when mortar and pestle are packed for a bride as part of her wedding gift by her parent.

Pounded yam is one of the most delightful meal in Nigeria most especially the rural area, however due to the stress and the procedure in making the meal it is viewed as a special meal because not everyone has the strength to pound a yam but over the years due to the advancement in technology pounded yam can be prepare without too much stress thanks to the innovation of a yam pounder.

Now with just the touch of a button you get to prepare your pounded yam without sweating and straining your muscle.   

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Pounded yam as it is fondly called is a delicacy that commands respect and preference and often ranked topmost in a typical Nigerian menu list. Enjoy a plate of pounded yam without going to a restaurant or buying a preserved poundo yam all in the name of eating a pounded yam by buying a yam pounder. There are different brand of yam pounder in the market so identifying  the best brand could be a difficult task , you don’t need to go through so much stress cause you could for the best brand of yam pounder and buy your preferred brand at the best price in Nigeria which will be delivered to your location faster than you could imagine.


Yam Pounder
Minimal Price: 53,000.00

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