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  1. APC Smart-UPS C 3000VA Rack Mount 230V - SMC3000RMI2U
    Special Price ₦430,000.00 Regular Price ₦460,000.00
  2. APC Easy Back-UPS 1000VA - BV1000I-MS
    Special Price ₦34,000.00 Regular Price ₦36,000.00
  3. APC Easy Back-UPS 650VA - BV650I-MS
    Special Price ₦23,000.00 Regular Price ₦25,000.00
  4. APC Smart UPS 2KVA SMC2000I
    Special Price ₦266,800.00 Regular Price ₦270,500.00
  5. APC Smart UPS VT 20KVA 400V - SUVTP20KH4B4S
    Special Price ₦3,852,500.00 Regular Price ₦3,910,000.00
  6. APC Smart UPS SRT 3000VA 230V - SRT3000XLI
    Special Price ₦768,200.00 Regular Price ₦799,000.00
  7. APC Smart-UPS RT 15KVA RM 230V - SURT15KRMXLI
    Special Price ₦3,350,000.00 Regular Price ₦3,700,000.00
  8. APC Smart-UPS 2700 Watts /3000 VA - SMT3000I
    Special Price ₦508,300.00 Regular Price ₦556,300.00
  9. APC Smart-UPS 2100 Watts/2200 VA - SMC3000i
    Special Price ₦460,000.00 Regular Price ₦517,500.00
  10. APC Back-UPS 700 Watts /1400 VA - BX1400UI
    Special Price ₦67,600.00 Regular Price ₦88,200.00

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Buy APC UPS Online In Nigeria

APC Smart-UPS are trusted ups brand by millions of IT professionals throughout the world. APC is a product of Schneider electric produce of one of the best electrical equipment. They are one of the best protector of equipment and critical data from costly interruptions. This UPS supplies reliable network-grade power.
The Uninterruptible Power Supply device is ideal for both home and workplace use. It gives confidence to professionals and personal computer users to keep on with their work without thinking about power failures. Save important data just in time through battery backups.
The Smart-UPS also features automatic voltage regulation (AVR). AVR helps adjusts high and low voltages to safe levels. Thus, you can now work without interruption during brownouts and over voltages.
APC UPS are available in a variety of forms factors and classes. From entry level, standard and extended run. There is a model for every application and budget.
Standard models are the most popular UPS in the world for business servers, storage and network devices. It's also considered the benchmark for reliability and manageability.
Entry level Smart-UPS models are affordable choice for small and medium businesses looking to protect small networking devices. It is the best for protecting point-of-sale (POS) equipment and entry level servers.
The extended run models accept external battery packs for long run-time to power critical servers, security and communication systems through outages that could last hours. They serves as battery backup for power surge protection for power outages. APC ups battery is the best answer for uninterruptible power supply chain. Apc by schneider electric is the original product which s available on Kara Nigeria. You can always get a replacement battery for all your UPS on our store with factory warranty.
APC UPS helps safeguards your equipment against damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility and data lines. It comes with a surge protector. It helps you keep your document and increase the life span of your equipment. APC Smart UPS is the perfect UPS for file-servers, minicomputers, UNIX CPU. As well as, Internet hubs, telecommunications systems and other mission critical applications.
The APC UPS also comes with Smart-slot internal accessory slot. It allows you to install optional accessories to enhance the performance of your UPS. It also comes with a re-settable circuit breaker. This helps to easy recovery from overloads without the need to replace a fuse. For more equipment protection details please read the leaflet in the product purchased.

Benefits of APC UPS

  • APC SMART-UPS systems offer best-in-class performance and durability.
  • Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Power conditioning
  • Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.
  • Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown:
  • Periodic Automatic battery self-test
  • Provides management of the UPS via a serial port.
  • Re-settable circuit breakers
  • Adjustable voltage sensitivity

Where to Buy APC UPS

 Buy APC UPS online at the best price on Kara Nigeria. We offer different ranges of UPS from APC Online Ups to APC offline UPS. APC terms and condition allows for a 1 year warranty and after sales care. To receive news and commercial info from schneider electric affiliates via electronic communication follow our APC product page.