Kitchen and Dining

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  1. Scanfrost Cooker 3 Gas 1 Electric CK 5312NG
    Special Price ₦69,000.00 Regular Price ₦95,000.00
  2. Philips Air Fryer HD 9225/51 Fryer Mid End White
    Special Price ₦67,500.00 Regular Price ₦87,400.00
  3. Philips Air Fryer Mid End Black HD 9220/20
    Special Price ₦64,900.00 Regular Price ₦88,200.00
  4. Philips Blender HR2114
  5. Philips Blender HR2113
  6. Philips Blender HR 2102
  7. Scanfrost Microwave Oven SF30 SSDGC
    Special Price ₦71,500.00 Regular Price ₦75,000.00

Items 1-20 of 267

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Kitchen and dining is an essential part of any home and a very sensitive part of the house. The kitchen is the most important office in a home because it prepares the food that satisfy the hungry tummy of the family. A delicious and healthy meal comes out from the use of worthwhile kitchen utensils. You might be looking for where to buy this appliances, you don’t have to look too deep Kara online shopping store is right in front of you. Get all needed for your dinning and kitchen at at the best prices in Nigeria. Check our wide range of kitchen and dining utensils which includes, cooker, microwaves, food and beverage machine, blender, coffee maker, glass ware, cutlery sets, cup and many more.



The kitchen as we know is the Powerhouse of most Nigerian families. It is the most visited part of the house. What makes a kitchen an enjoyable place to be for both male and female are the appliances used because cooking becomes easier and professional, meanwhile whatever meal prepared in the kitchen is brought to the dinning to be feast on.

The dining is mostly where the whole family gather after a long stressful day, so the best and essential utensils should be used to make that important period enjoyable and memorable, that is why Kara online Shopping website is available to provide you with the best utensils you need. Check out our kitchen and dining appliances for your home and work place. At kara you can order for your preferred brand of Cooker, microwave ovenhot plate, pressure pot, dishwasher, deep fryerfood processor, yam pounder  much more at the best price in Nigeria and enjoy our fast delivery policy to any location in Nigeria.